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T5 Adapter  Advantages

1. Eliminates replacing and rewiring a ballast forever.
2. Qualifies for “LEED” points.
3. Brighter and more natural light that benefits students, employees,guests, patients and members.
4. Reduces your lighting cost by up to 75%.
5. T5 bulbs burn at approximately 95% of their lumens for the life of the bulbs compared to 50% degradation for T12’s and 25% for T8’s. No discoloring or dimming over the life of the bulb.
6. The efficiency of the T5 Adapters extends the life expectancy of the T5 lamps/bulbs.
7. 5 Year Warranty / 60,000 hour (25 year) life expectancy on adapter.
8. Allows de-lamping, increasing your savings while producing more light and a more natural light.
9. Flexible: Do your whole facility or do one floor or one building at a time. We will work to accommodate you.
10. The T5 bulbs burn cooler thus reducing your heat load and air conditioning cost. Each watt saved reduces the heat load by 3.412 BTU’s.
11. Lighting maintenance becomes a janitorial task rather than a facilities or electricians cost since an adapter can be changed/replaced just like a lamp/bulb would be replaced.
12. Utility rebates and Tax incentives available.

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