Reptile Lamp

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For use in suspending metal dome or wire basket lamp fixtures (great for use with a Reptile  Lamp, Economy Clamp Lamp or Brooder Lamp). Easily adjusts to fit most standard size terrariums. Suspends heat fixtures that would otherwise be difficult to secure or use. Helps prevent accidental knocking over or tipping of heat fixtures. Special clips keep power cords secure and out of the way.
"A good purchase when combined with Zoo Med Deep Dome Clamp Reptile  Lamp. You can adjust the height of the lamp, and using the stand keeps the light from jostling when you need to get in the tank."
"This stand makes life easier and safer. Keeps Reptile  Lamps from having direct contact with terrarium top. Also prevents your lamp from getting knocked off resulting in broken bulbs or ceramic heat emitters. I have cats so i feel safer with this item."
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