Tips for Reptile Heat Lamps

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Keep in mind that you can only use reptile lamp with certain types of cages. You can use them with glass terrariums by setting the lamp on top of the screen lid. Some plastic cages also have receptacles built into the top where you can place a heat lamp. But some types of cages cannot accommodate a reptile heat lamp at all. So you need to consider the type of enclosure you’re using.

Your heat lamp will create a basking area in part of the reptile cage. That’s the whole point. But it will also raise the background temperature on that side of the cage. You should place thermometers in several places inside the cage, so you know what the cage temperatures are on both sides. Place one thermometer strip in the basking area, down low where the reptile spends most of its time. Place another strip on the cooler / unheated side of the cage.

You can also use a temperature gun to “shoot” the temps in different areas of the cage. The point is, you need to now what’s going on inside your cage, especially where the reptile heat lamp is placed.

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