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UVC is unavailable to reptiles in nature, because it is absorbed in the stratosphere by the ozone layer. It is damaging to animal tissue and its only beneficial use from artificial sources is as a disinfectant, rapidly killing
potentially pathogenic microorganisms in a cage or environment when the reptile is temporarily removed. It can cause photobiosynthesis of vitamin D3, but the detrimental effects far outweigh this beneficial effect.

UVB is available in nature to amphibians and reptiles and has both detrimental and beneficial effects. Documented detrimental effects on vertebrates include tissue damage, potentially causing death, and vitamins A and D degradation. The detrimental effects for amphibians are currently being emphasized by researchers and are assigned an important role in the decline of amphibian populations. To our knowledge such effects on natural reptile populations have not been documented. The beneficial effects of UVB include primarily its role in the photobiosynthesis of vitamin D3, which ironically it can also degrade, and possibly the disinfecting of pathogenic external parasites from a reptile's skin. UVB may be visible to some lizards, and its perception useful for vitamin D photoregulation.

UVA definitely can be visually perceived by some lizards and plays a role in social communication. UVA, when reflected from a reptile's surface, can also be potentially detected by avian predators. Accordingly, UVA has been documented to be beneficial for social communication but may be detrimental regarding predator detection. UVA can cause degradation of vitamin A in the skin, which could lead to vitamin A deficiency.


Ultraviolet light is important for reptiles because of its beneficial impact on their physiological and psychological well being. Many reptiles respond to UV lighting by behaving more like they would in nature. Colors brighten, feeding increases, and reproductive behavior typically increases for many different kinds of reptiles when UV is added. Some species, once exposed to a good source of UV lighting have shown a marked aggressive or flighty tendency not apparent under previous indoor conditions without UV. Reptiles are generally healthier with exposure to UV lighting. For a successful management program in terms of keeping and breeding reptiles, UV lighting can be one of the most beneficial resources available.

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