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What is ultraviolet(UV) light?

Ultraviolet(UV) light is a band of electromagnetic energy between 200 and 400 nm. It is an invisible form of light, which unknowingly and profoundly affects many animal species in both physiological and psychological ways.

Based on explanations from Cromer (1994) and Endler (1990) we paraphrase as follows. Ultraviolet(UV) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation adjacent to one side of what is commonly called the visible spectrum based on human perceptual acuity. It may be described as either waves or particles called photons. The various waves are characterized by either wavelength or frequency. Lighting engineers prefer to work with the wave model, while photobiologists, working with processes such as photosynthesis or vision, prefer to work with the photon model. Waves may be quantified as irradiance or power density (watts per area), or energy per time (dose, i.e. joules per second per area). Photons can be quantified as photon flux or photon irradiance (mols of photons/sec/area/nm) for any given wavelength. Photons differ by the amount of energy they carry, which is wavelength-dependent.


Studies have shown that ultraviolet light can penetrate cells and debilitate DNA, thereby destroying an organism’s ability to reproduce.
Such a discovery has paved the way for the development of ultraviolet disinfection technology.
Contaminants removed with use of UV-system: microbial; nevertheless, UV systems may be coupled with a pre-filter to extricate larger organisms and particulates with attached bacteria.
UV units are used as individual treatment systems or as parts of other purification processes.


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