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 Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp


Our Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide professional Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp with good services for you!


Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp

For hot cathode Quartz uv lamp, include Preheat Start uv lamp, Instant Start UV lamp, High Output UV lamp, GTL3 Germicidal Lamp, Compact UV Germicidal Lamp, High Ozone UV Lamp etc.

And we could do many types shapes, like straight tube uv lamp, U shape uv lamp.

In the hot cathode arc discharge, cathode current depend mainly on cathode surface coating electronic powder of thermionic emission provided, current, reach 600 ~ 700 ma. Cathode is hot, hence the name "hot cathode".

And mainly use for air purify,water treatment system,water purify,and disinfect etc.


Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp



Product Details

1. Adopt a high-purity quartz tube, through special process to reduce the content of impurity

2. Add the rare-earth compound into the electron powder to produce higher luminous efficacy

3. Unique technique for exhaust ensures a high initial ultraviolet radiation output and a low light decaying

4. There are ozone and free-of-ozone provided for selection

5. Universal burning position



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