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Electronic Ballast

Electrical Ballast for UV Systems

An electrical ballast  is a device intended to limit the amount of current in an electric circuit. Ballasts vary greatly in complexity. They can be as simple as a series resistor as commonly used with small neon lamps or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). For higher-power installations, too much energy would be wasted in a resistive ballast, so alternatives are used that depend upon the reactance of inductors, capacitors, or both. Finally, ballasts can be as complex as the computerised, remote-controlled electronic ballasts now often used with fluorescent lamps.
Ballasts are used where a load does not regulate its own current consumption well enough. These are most often used when an electrical circuit or device presents a negative (differential) resistance to the supply. If such a device were connected to a constant-voltage power supply, it would draw an increasing amount of current until it was destroyed or caused the power supply to fail. To prevent this, a ballast provides a positive resistance or reactance that limits the ultimate current to an appropriate level. In this way, the ballast provides for the proper operation of the negative-resistance device by appearing to be a legitimate, stable resistance in the circuit.

Electronic ballasts have almost become  the standard in the low pressure lamp lighting industry. They allow  energy and financial savings in many  applications. The lamp operation is free from flicker and the ballast produces virtually no noise or hum. The incoming 50 Hz power (240 volts) is converted to high-frequency AC (usually 20 to 40 kHz). This leads to a constant gas discharge compared to conventional ballasts and prevents cathode flicker. Electronic ballasts are more efficient than magnetic ballasts in converting input power to the proper lamp power. The operation of low pressure, amalgam ultraviolet UV lamps at higher frequencies reduces end losses, resulting in an overall lamp-ballast system efficiency increase of 15% to 20%. Electronic ballasts are directly interchangeable with magnetic ballasts. They operate with most ultraviolet UV lamps available.Special electronic ballasts can operate two or four lamps reducing the total number of ballasts in a system. This also reduces installation and field wiring costs. Other advantages are reduced weight, less heat and noiseless operation and reduced lamp flicker. Infralight supplies a comprehensive range of ballasts and HID power supplies for low pressure germicidal and medium pressure lamps.


We provide the electronic ballast for different uv light.
Like the ballast for hot cathode uv light, ballast for colde cathode uv light, ballast for amalgam lamp,and ballast for PL uv germicidal lamp.
We could do 110V/220V, 50/60hz from 4Watts to 320Watt.

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