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Cold Cathode Quartz UV Lamp


Cold cathode glow discharge the positive ion bombardment high purity metal cathode produce secondary electron maintain discharge, cathode current is mainly composed of positive ions contribution, current is lesser, cathode is cold, hence the name "cold cathode";The lifetime of the cold cathode quartz uv lamp is 12000hrs. it is very long.


Cold Cathode Quartz UV Lamp


For Cold Cathode Quartz UV Lamp, including U UV Lamp, Circular UV Lamp etc.


We have U type,O shape,and also can customs for our client. Cold cathode uv  lamp have strong germical effience in 253.7 wavelength,especial for the nuclei acid albumen,it could let the bacteria aberrance or dead. So this uv lamp suitable use in medical,sanitation,germ study,grocery and pharmacy  fields etc.,also use some disinfector,and air purify.

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