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For Black Lamp, including T Shape Black Light Lamp, PL Black Light , 2U/3U/Spiral Black Light, Cold Cathode Black Light etc.

UV-A radiation (315 nm to 400 nm), which is called "near UV" and "black light", is the least photobiologically-active, but exposure can produce tanning and some burning of the skin, and can lead to the formation of cataracts (opacities in the lens of the eye). It is efficiently transmitted by air and common glass.

Blacklight lamps called BL light in short.

Application:used for trapping insects,luring lamps.

We haveT5, T8,T9,T10,T12 ,and can do 4w/6w/8w/10w/15w/30w/36w

And PL blacklight lamp , 10w/13w/18w/26w/,also 2U/3U /spiral blacklight lamp



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