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Black Light Blue Lamp




For Black Light Blue Lamp, including Shape Black Light Blue Lamp, PL Black Blue Light, 2U/3U Black Light Blue etc.

Blacklight :
UV rays of 360nm attract insects into insect traps, for use in mineralogy, military, criminology, medical and pharmacy industries, photochemical reactions, jewelry and historical relics verification, etc.

Black Light Blue :
Lamps are made with Wood’s glass and emit UV rays of 360nm mainly; suitable for use as counterfeit detector, special stage effect and applications similar to blacklight lamps.

Black Light Blue lamps effciently emit ultraviolet rays at 315nm-400nm,which have strong photochemical fluorescent effects.They are special deep blue filter glass which absorb visible rays and transmits .There are two types of hosphor are used with radiation peak at 352nm and 368nm,respectvely.

Application:used for tests,insections,examinations,stage illumination in theaters and night club ,advertisements and sign boards.We have T5,T8,T9,T10,T12 ,and can do 5w/7w/9w/11w/13w/18w/24w/36w/55w



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