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Ultraviolet Light Application


For our ultraviolet light application

1. The ultravoilet light use for HVAC system
This products emits germicidal ultraviolet(UV-C) lights to help disinfect the cooling coil,drain pan,and internal surfaces of HVAC systems for improved indoor air quality.,also use for applications in the food processing and beverage industries as well as medical and laboratory sterilization applications.

2. The ultraviolet light use in kitchen
Ultraviolet (UV) treatment is also being incorporated into new kitchen ventilation design. Ultraviolet light breaks down grease molecules into smaller harmless compounds  carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are carried out with the exhaust airflow. Mainly use high ozone uv lamp, we have GPH1630T5VH/HO, GPH1630T5VH, GPH1680T5VH/HO, GPH1680T5VH, GPH865T5VH/HO, GPH865T5VH.

3 The ultraviolet light use in water treatment.

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