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Sunfine is a technological enterprise, specialized in researching, production and sales uv germicidal products, such as UV lamp. Our hot products including Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp, Cold Cathode Quartz UV , Amalgam Lamp, Reptile Lamp, Aquarium Lamp, UVB Lamp, Nail UVA Lamp, Mosquito Repelling Lamp, Black Light, Black Light Blue Lamp, Ultraviolet Light Application, Quartz Sleeve, Replacement of UV Lamp, Electronic Ballast, Lighting Adapter. UV sterilizer extensively applied to health care, air purify , disinfection in driking water, waste water treatment etc.
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LED Bulb, LED Tube, UV Lamp, COB LED Light, Rechargeable LED Flashlight, LED Camping Lanterns
China UV Lamp & Amalgam Lamp manufacturer,Wholesale Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp, Cold Cathode Quartz UV, Reptile Lamp, Amalgam Lamp with high quality and low price.
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